Retail has never beenthis efficient

Is it hard to adapt to customer rush hours? Why not let them use their smartphones to simplify and enrich the experience of buying from your store?

- taxi atyour fingertips

TaxiZoom is an application for iPhone and Android that you can use to get a taxi without having to call a number. You can choose from the offers that come in real-time in response to your request.

Take control over yoursales process

Manage the relationships with your customers, develop rich presentation materials and plan resources efficiently. All with this simple mCRM tool.

In the beginning, there was the cloud.

Wether as researchers or as enterprise developers, we have gained experience in designing and developing highly connected services.

Then came the smartphone.

The smartphone has proved to be the perfect tool for the modern man who now has a world of apps at his finger. Often these provide new solutions to old problems. Having this as a goal...

Thus, Mobile Kinetics is born.

We came together as a team of young entrepreneurs with years of experience in enterprise, web and mobile software development. We build on Android, iOS and other mobile platforms and we leverage their latest technologies to create unique mobile experiences.

The technology of tomorrow, today.Let's go mobile together!